That’s a Wrap!

Doesn’t a trip to warm Costa Rica sound perfect right now? Well if you’re a migratory Bluebird, you’re in luck! With Fall rolling in, the Bluebirds and other migratory birds are rolling out. Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little. Our Bluebirds don’t go as far as Costa Rica, but Missouri is the next best thing, right?

While the birds are packing their bags to fly south, Bluebird Experience is collecting the final numbers for 2016. This season with Phillips Medisize was bigger than we could have imagined. Since the Bluebird Trail was installed in June (halfway through the five-month birding season), we didn’t know what to expect. Now the results are in and out of 10 nest boxes, 35 birds were fledged!

Out of those 35 birds there were, 18 Bluebirds, 12 House Wrens, 5 Tree Swallows, and 0 House Sparrows (which is good!).

Come 2017, there will be new “Bluebird Landlords” maintaining the Phillips Medisize Trail. For the PMEC building it will be Cory White and Ashley Sinette. For the Operations building it’s Charlie Morden and Abby Hansen. Finally, for the Magnesium building Neil Waldhart. Thank you to our newest additions to the Bluebird Team! Also thank you to Dan Anderson, Safety, Environment & Energy Director at Phillips Medisize, for reaching out to Bluebird Experience and sharing your passion for community stewardship and environmental restoration. We cannot wait to see the data for years to come!

Cory birding with the Bluebird Team

Charlie checking out nest box #6

Abby finding an empty nest. Bye bye baby birds!

Neil with nest box #9

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