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Fifteen Years of Impact

This is a shout out to my dear friend, Catherine Keys, of the Boys Scouts of America in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Catherine was my “go to gal” whenever help was needed.

Today, April 7th, marks the 15th anniversary of the Bluebird Restoration Project. It started as a joint project with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts at Immaculate Conception Elementary School. The kids were young and full of enthusiasm to get together and build something. In this group of kids, there were three young girls coping with their Mother’s breast cancer that had metastasized into brain cancer. The loss of their mother, the lovely Sherry Ross, was the inspiration and catalyst of the progress and longevity of Bluebird Experience.

Today we can celebrate three things; the life of Sherry, the anniversary of the Bluebird Restoration Project, and the anniversary of my bond with Catherine Keys. Fifteen years ago, Catherine Keys helped me facilitate our 80 Bluebird Nest Box Build with over 40 scouts and their parents. It was a moment that changed how I looked at earning badges in Scouts.

This Service-Learning opportunity was so much more than a badge sewn on a scout sash. Catherine Keys showed me the power of creative collaboration through service learning that enhanced our community and those who lost their mother and a friend. My journey has brought me to Kentucky, and I realize now how valuable Catherine Keys had been in the extreme growth and impact of Bluebird Experience. Thank you Catherine, for guiding me with the Scouts! I’m not sure how many Eagle Scouts we have fledged together, but I’m sure they will never forget the magic in helping Bluebirds!

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