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Thank you Bluebird Supporters!

Thank you to those who have supported the Bluebird Restoration efforts over the years.  The positive impact in nature and in our community is such a blessing!


Dr Stephen H. Sutley & Maree Barney-Sutley


Sherry Ross and Zaida Ortiz


Beaver Creek Reserve, Fall Creek, WI Alaska Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, NestWatch, Ithaca, NY Hickory Hills Golf Course, Eau Claire Dr. Joseph Motto Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire Eau Claire Golf and Country Club Pine Meadow Golf Club, Eau Claire Sharp Photo, Eau Claire Wal-Mart, Eau Claire Spyville, Tennessee

Contributors & Participants

Beaver Creek Reserve Staff & Contributors Hickory Hills Golf Course and Staff BRAW – Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin NestWatch by Cornell Lab of Ornithology Regis Catholic Schools, Regis Booster Club UWEC- Service Learning Dept Girl Scout Leaders & Troop #’s 3292, 3008, 515, 216, Brownie Troop #26 Boy Scout Leaders & Troop / Pack # 31 Close-Up Apparel Powertex J. Theisen Construction Nancy Rothwell, Straighten-Up Organizing Kirk Sorenson, Pet Food Plus Potting Shed DeLong Middle School Northstar Middle School Eau Claire County 4H Eau Claire Golf and Country Club Pine Meadow Golf Course Sarah Lynn Design

Bluebird Experience Team

  1. Shelly Sutley, Co-Founder and Director of Development

  2. Larry Bennett, Co-Founder and Director of Education

  3. Rick Koziel, Co-Founder and Director of Education

  4. Angie Sommers, Director of Marketing

  5. Frank Schemberger, Director of Social Media

  6. Hayley Kubler, Copywriter

  7. Andra Christianson, Creative Director

  8. Brian Nicolai, Project Manager

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