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Eau Claire’s Seventh Bluebird Trail

Well folks, we reached a milestone! Usually seven isn’t a big deal, but in our case it is! Seven is Sherry’s favorite number. Sherry was the initial inspiration to giving this project wings.

Sherry was diagnosed with breast cancer and claimed, “her time would come when the bluebird arrives”. In Spring of 2007, the very same day Shelly Sutley saw her first bluebird, Sherry was coming home with hospice. Shelly soon saw a bluebird nest and realized Sherry and God had shown her her path. (To read more about Sherry’s Inspiration, visit Bluebird Experience’s “About” page.)

Eau Claire’s seventh Bluebird Trail was installed Wednesday June 1, 2016. This milestone is reached thanks to the hard work of the Bluebird Team, Boy Scouts, and the community environmental efforts of Phillips Medisize Corporation. The Trail consists of 10 nest boxes along 3 of Phillip Medisize’s buildings.

Sky Park Blvd

Sky Park Blvd

Updated Mondovi Rd

Mondovi Rd

International Dr

International Dr

Bluebird Experience and Boy Scout, Kevin Keys, were featured on both WQOW and WEAU with stories on the installation of the seventh Bluebird Trail. This is not only a milestone for The Bluebird Restoration Project, but a milestone for the Eau Claire community. Without you this project wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for your support and songbird restoration interest!

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