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Kick Off To Summer!

Summer is here!

We’ve been doing so much work at the Academy planting seeds, and making things happen! My staff has been hard at work with innovative flower display ideas, getting involved in the community, and beyond. So much is happening and summer has JUST STARTED!

We are also working on new ideas for the Bluebird Experience website including regular blog spotlights on our staff, and kids at the academy! Don’t doesn’t stop there. Expect more insight into what makes me who I am, along with what makes everything revolving the Bluebird Experience “offices” a creative, collaborative, and crazy place to work! Topics will include:

  1. Science and Conservation

  2.  News about nature

  3. Educational aspects

  4. Anecdotes and stories about how all of this came to be

  5. Gardening, and Refurbishing “How To’s”

  6. Pictures and Videos of what we’re up to

  7. Inspiration

  8. And so much more that we haven’t even THOUGHT of yet!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the Summer season, and all the new and awesome things that are going to blossom in our garden, and on our website!

Breathe, Believe, Blog and Be,


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