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Bluebird Festival

Come join us for the 6th Annual Bluebird Festival at Hickory Hills Golf Course on May 20, 2012 from 1-4 pm.

Activities Include:

  1. A tour of our established bluebird trail

  2. Lessons on how to build and maintain a bluebird nest box

  3. Information on how to establish and monitor a bluebird trail

  4. Opportunities to participate in a group activity that will benefit the community

  5. The opportunity to experience the beauty and miracle of nature firsthand

  6. Raffle with prizes from businesses in our community

The Festival is free to attend. However, nest box kits will be available for purchase at $5 each; a nest box with a pole is $20.  Bluebird houses already put together are $10 each.  Refreshments will also be sold, with all profits to benefit Beaver Creek Reserve and the Bluebird Restoration Project.

Call 715-877-2212 to register and reserve a nest box kit!

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