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UWEC Alumni Reignite Bluebirds

This upcoming Wednesday is a special day for environmentalists, educators, citizen scientists, birders, and many more because Bluebird Experience is having another Bluebird Open House!

Over the past three months UWEC Alumni and Service-Learning students have reignited the Bluebird flame and are working to bring a phenomenal event to the Children’s Nature Academy at The Priory. A special shout out goes to Krista Lambrecht, Breanna Cook, and Ian Walker. They took part in Dr. Lester’s Community Leadership class during their last semester of their undergrad. Not only did they contribute to another volunteer organization, but they rediscovered the magic of Bluebird Experience. They now hope to share the magic with you!

Even with construction the Bluebird Trail at The Priory fledged 47 songbirds this season. Time to celebrate and meet new Director, Lisa Coen, alumni from Dr. Lester’s Community Leadership class, the Bluebird Buddies, Nature Girls, and UW-Stout interns.


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