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6th Annual Bluebird Festival: Raffle Items!

This year at the 6th Annual Bluebird Festival we will be having an hourly raffle from 1pm-4pm.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the Festival.

Thanks to our generous community sponsors, we have lots of great prizes!  We are truly blessed to have such businesses in our area.   Below are a list of the raffle prizes we have available, along with the names of our sponsors.  Next time you visit their establishments, give them a big thank you for supporting the Bluebirds! Hickory Hills Golf Course

Hickory Hills

2 Gift Certificates for 9 holes walking at Hickory Hills Golf Course (Value $15.00 each) Gift Certificate for one 18-hole round of golf including cart for 4 people (Value 260.00)

Pine Meadow Golf Club 4 gift certificates for 9 holes round of golf with cart at Pine Meadow Golf Club (Value $20.00 each)

Eau Claire Golf & Country Club Gift certificate for one 18-hole round of golf including cart for 4 people (Value $350)

Regis Booster Club Spring Bluebird Monitoring Package:  Regis Rambler Hat, Coffee Mug, Wind Jacket and Fleece Blanket (Value $100.00)


Bluebird Babes Wind Breaker  (Value $70.00) Bluebird Babes Zippered Hoodie  (Value $30.00)

Nolan Wagner, Owner of Jimmy Johns on Brackett Avenue 2 Gift Cards to Jimmy Johns (Value $30.00 each)

Bluebird Restoration Project

BRP T-Shirt & Hat

Bennett Bluebird Box (Value $10.00) Bluebird Restoration Project T-Shirt & Hat (Value $30.00) Bluebird Babes Tank Top & Bluebird Lip-gloss (Value $14.00) Bluebird Babes Junior T-Shirt & Bluebird Lip-gloss (Value $17.00) Bluebird Babes Women’s T-Shirt & Bluebird Lip-gloss (Value $22.00)

Shelly Sutley, Little Delights, LLC Thirty One Sash Bag (Value $25.00) 1/2 Apron (Value $16.00) 3/4 Apron (Value $20.00)

Nancy & Lee Skelley, The Potting Shed Bluebird Basket – Henry David Thoreau Bluebird T-Shirt, Meal Worms, and Nesting Material (Value $35.00)

Kirk Sorenson, Owner of Pet Food Plus Bluebird Glass Cutting Board and Bluebird Mug (Value $40.00)

Nancy Rothwell, Straighten-Up Organizing, LLC Gift Certificate for one hour of organizing services (Value $55.00)

All funds raised go to the “Bluebird Restoration Fund” at Beaver Creek Reserve.  We can’t wait to see you at Hickory Hills Golf Course on Sunday, May 20th!

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