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6th Annual Bluebird Festival

Even though it was a windy day, we had quite the turnout for the Bluebird Festival!  People of all ages came and experienced the magic themselves.  We really couldn’t have done it without the support of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students, Beaver Creek Reserve, and all of the generous local businesses that donated to our raffle.  Take a look at some of the highlights!

Building magic!

Our nestbox building masters, Rick Koziel, Gary Foltz, and Larry Bennett!  Thanks to their help, nestboxes were available to be built and sent home.

Mary shows the magic in this box!

Spreading the wonder.

Discussing the Code of Conduct

Bluebird Babes in action!

Now for the real magic.  We went on a Bluebird Trail and took a look at the nest boxes already set up at Hickory Hills.  Phyllis Lapine, Mary Hoepner, and Linda Nicastro (some of our Bluebird Babes!) covered proper monitoring technique as well.  Even though you might have heard that disturbing a nest causes the mother bird to leave, that’s not true!  If you are respectful, you can take a look at the nest with a mirror and share the magic with others.  Please see the Nestwatch Code of Conduct for more information!

Hickory Hills Staff

Paddy Beaver!

Beaver Creek Reserve sent over Paddy Beaver to help share the joy.  The Hickory Hills staff got in on the fun as well!  Everyone was so helpful, getting us set up in the wind.

Joann, Sherry's sister, and Mr. Bluebird.

Our MC!

We had so many volunteers as well!  Having a community come together like this is exactly what we want here at Bluebird Experience.  Joann Schneveis, Sherry Ross’ sister enjoyed seeing Terry Glanzman of Mondovi at the Festival!  Terry is known as  “Mr. Bluebird” as he monitors 400+ boxes!  What a feat!  We were so honored to have him here.

Sherry Ross’ family was there as well.  This whole project is in honor of her, and we were blessed that they were able to attend and help out.   She found the extraordinary in the ordinary, and we are passing that message forward with the Bluebird Experience.  They were able to help out with the art table, something we think is important.  So important, in fact, that we will be having another blog post just focusing on the great art kids have created in honor of the bluebirds!  Make sure you subscribe to the blog so we can notify you by email when the posts come up!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this year’s Bluebird Festival.  Bluebird blessings!

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