To sign up for volunteer opportunities please visit Kamp Kessa's sign-up form HERE

If you are interested in volunteering, or questions about donating products, email:


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Clean-up trash and care for horses and the land at Kamp Kessa. 

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 Help Kamp Kessa meet the needs of the Disabilities Acts for disabled vets and those confined to a wheelchair.  


Build nest boxes for ducks along the trails.

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Remove Barb wire, remove trash, replace deteriorated post (owner, Mr. Howard has posts on hand at the farm) 

Repair/Rehab stairs and deck on the love shack at Kamp Kessa

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Get the rose garden looking beautiful!

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Refurbish picnic tables for a safe, secure place to sit

Hands-on restoration project where youth are using their talents to help Kamp Kessa 

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Rehab/Repair current hay barn.  Create a safe and secure shelter for “Coffee” Teresa Schmidt’s mare and her soon to be foaling in the current hay barn.

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Build nest boxes for bluebirds along the trails.

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Repurpose old covered wagon into a moveable chicken coop.  

Repair/Rehab entrance signs at Kamp Kessa

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Repair/Rehab current garden fence at Kamp Kessa
(open to suggestions!)

Create a space to sit around and enjoy the fire at Kamp Kessa

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Build an open, shaded pavilion