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Who Let the Dogs Out?

It’s time for a reality check – my mother, daughter, and her dog have arrived in Kentucky. This is the first time my entire family has lived in the same state since 1986 and now we are all in the same cul-de-sac. I hope this doesn’t cul-de-suck.

My tea cup of emotions is currently piping hot with – exhaustion, overwhelming thoughts, and bewilderment. I keep saying to myself “This is crazy this is happening!”




My mom prophesied our togetherness back in 2014, now it is finally coming to fruition. To handle my thoughts, anxiety, and excitement, my mantra to keep going is

trust the process

Sometimes the process is worth questioning though – like when I randomly received a pretty large shovel in the mail this week. How does this add to the process? Is it for my dad to dig a grave after my daughter’s dog “shat” in his bedroom? Maybe for a new flower bed to attract wintering bluebirds, or could it be a spot on gag gift to represent me scooping all the crap together in my life? Regardless, I have to go back to reminding myself to

“Trust the process”

Rearranging my parent’s (also mine and Sydney’s home…?) has been my most overwhelming task. We have always been a close family in respect to values, ambition, and love for each other – but now being physically enclosed into one house with four adults, two dogs, and half of my brother’s belongings, it’s like the Tasmanian Devil rampaged through a hoarder’s house (with 195 more boxes being delivered this week!)

“Trust the process”

I also saw a bluebird and a turkey. This may not seem weird or significant to most people, but to me it caused utter confusion. I am used to seeing bluebirds in the spring and summertime – creating hope and beauty in the joyous months of warmth and prosperity. Now I see it next to a chunky, flightless bird associated with Thanksgiving and cold months. It’s an adjustment to say the least.

“Trust the process”

I am trusting the process this week. Every action made by myself or a family member is a step forward in our new lives ~ together ~. We will learn to live in the same home, grow as a family, and embrace every moment we have together.

“The process is the most important part of the journey. Appreciate it while you have it.”

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