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Camp Activities; Life Lessons

Wrapping up the last Family Camp of 2021 at Kamp Kessa was bittersweet. Bitter because it’s over, but sweet because I was able to learn so much.

For the last camp themed “Horse, Nature, and Games”, my buddy for the week was Emme, an 11 year old young lady. We played a lot of games together with our horse, Derby.

  • On Tuesday we participated in musical hats while taking turns riding Derby, which he was happy about and so were we!

  • Wednesday, Emme worked on balancing rocks on spoons while riding Derby.

  • Thursday, we rode horses in a relay against each other, which took teamwork and all our brain power to complete.. It’s true, working with youth teaches you. Emme has inspired me to try new things, motivating experiences I would have never had.

After reflecting on another great week at Kamp Kessa, I realized God, the Universe, the Spirits of our ancestors placed me at Kamp Kessa for a purpose. I felt it when I first arrived, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Here I am able to “BE”. To be is this moment. I prayed, I listened, and this came to me:

“Learn as much as you can, be yourself and follow your intuition.”

These last 15 years of implementing Youth Service-Learning into the restoration of songbirds in Wisconsin and now in Kentucky has taught me that there’s no time like the present to take the time to make a difference, and help restore hope in others. When we all come together, we can make where we are right now better than we found it.

Through Kamp Kessa’s Family Camps, I have learned the value of positive thinking and setting positive intentions. Through doing this, I may encourage others to “Come Together” and make a difference.

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