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Who are the Bluebird Babes?

First of all, I hope the name makes you smile. In short, Bluebird Babes are the citizen science fashionistas of Eau Claire, enjoying nature and bringing glamor to the data-recording world. Being a Bluebird Babe means you spread the magic of nature and feel empowered by the data you collect!

In the beginning, Zaida and I facilitated the neighborhood and golf course monitoring efforts together. People stopped us, asking why were were disturbing the boxes! We decided to put together a uniform of sorts, so people knew were were there for science!  Since our idea of wearing blue while monitoring created a fun theme for those who were checking the bluebird nest boxes, it stuck! We decided to run with it. Zaida ordered everything in blue.

The Bluebird Babes is kind of like the Real Housewives of Eau Claire. Only instead of worrying about what the human neighbors are up to, we spy on the songbirds!  Our drama revolves around who gets a bluebird and how many songbirds our Country Club at Hickory Hills and neighborhoods can fledge. We keep updated so we all know the latest gossip.

The Bluebird Babes provide education with a dose of our competitive nature to the community through our examples of monitoring on the golf course. The inspirational stories of other Bluebird Babes and their nest boxes, along with our success at Hickory Hills Golf Course continues to validate Sherry’s message “Nature Heals.” This message continues to surface as more and more people become Bluebird Babes.

Where did the name come from?

Well, the first year we monitored the trail, my sister-in-law called me from the clubhouse to inform me that some young men were calling me the “crazy bird lady.”  They were uncomfortable, and I was too.  Who wants to be a “crazy bird lady?”  I sure didn’t!  I marched myself right into the clubhouse to teach them a thing or two about the project.  “I am not a crazy bird lady, and this is an exciting citizen science project!”  How could they think that anything about this was crazy, let alone me!

I informed these gentleman that they could refer to me as a “Bluebird Babe,” and they could use that term to describe anyone out on the trail who monitored the nest boxes. Now, I love the title. It brings such happiness to our project!

How can you become a Bluebird Babe?

It’s easy! Just start monitoring effectively and record data and keep it updated on And yes, men can be a Babe too. Doesn’t that bring a smile to your face? All you need to is don the traditional uniform; anything blue! However, we do also have some shirts for sale if you want some official Bluebird gear.

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