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What is Meaningful?

Through the restoration of bluebirds, connecting with others, and bringing awareness to the importance of caring for nature, is how I have found my life’s meaning. Monitoring bluebird nest boxes gives me the opportunity to quiet my mind and shift my focus to the songbirds. Even in our broken world, the birds radiate beauty, peace and hope.

While our country has been questioning what is considered necessary and unnecessary, what is essential versus nonessential, I found my enthusiasm dampening and my energy slowly draining while pondering on my life’s meaning. Were my efforts in fact necessary? What is essential and nonessential? Turns out, it depends on who you ask. Is teaching people the proper placement of bluebird nest boxes on their trail necessary? Maybe not to some, but what if your own perspective is off? Taking time to listen to other people’s perspectives is crucial and determines what becomes necessary versus unnecessary.

This time more than ever, my purpose is reassured when caring for Mother Nature’s songbirds. Our songbirds are not going anywhere. Birds know what is necessary and essential. When the sun rises every morning, birds meet the day with songs of joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten.

Let’s greet the sunrise with joy!! 🙏💙🐦

Peace and Joy,


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