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Volunteer Feature: Sarah Liming, Girl Scout

Hello, readers!  This is Hayley Kubler again, copywriter at the Bluebird Restoration Project and a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.  This summer I worked with our Boy and Girl Scout volunteers.  I couldn’t be more proud of how hard everyone worked and maturity and effort put forward by these young men and women.

This is such an important life event for our Scouts, and we wanted to see the BRP through their eyes.  As a special feature, each Scout will recount his or her Bluebird Experience this summer in their own blog post.  I am honored to introduce Sarah Liming, a Girl Scout from Troop 3326 who completed her Silver Award with us.  Now, let’s hear her story!

My Bluebird Experience

By Sarah Liming

I am Sarah Liming and I am a freshman at Regis High School. I am a three-sport athlete (basketball, volleyball, and softball) and a Girl Scout in Troop 3326. This summer I worked on my Girl Scout Silver Award. My Girl Scout team member, Michaela Pittenger, and I were assistant teachers at the UW-Eau Claire Children’s Nature Academy.

I have been involved in the Bluebird Restoration Project since third grade. My Girl Scout troop was working with Shelly Sutley to build Bluebird boxes and monitor them. Our whole school had a Bluebird Day where we got into groups and built boxes to take home. I have been involved ever since.

This summer I had the opportunity to help out at the UW-Eau Claire Children’s Nature Academy. This opportunity helped me achieve my Girl Scout Silver Award and gave me a chance to get outside in nature. I had a blast teaching the kids about nature and its importance, and I also learned some things myself.

I was not only earning my Silver Award but I was getting to work with kids and teach young minds. This opportunity gave me the experience to work with kids and be a teacher to them and not just a student. I wanted to originally become an architect when I became older but now that I have gotten the chance to help kids I have realized that I love to work with them. My goal is now to become a Special Education teacher. I have learned that teaching kids and working with them is something that I am good at and is something that I enjoy. I am only a freshman, but I have a good feeling that this will be my goal career and that I will just keep enjoying it the more I work with kids.

At the UW-Eau Claire Children’s Nature Academy, the focus is on nature and getting kids outside. Currently, kids stay inside and are on electronics all day and are not getting any fresh air or exercise. When we went to the Nature Academy we had a program called “Bluebird Day” that we had every Wednesday. Each week we would focus on a different topic. Our main goal was to teach kids about the birds of our area and let them know what they can do to help scientists. We taught the kids how to monitor the bird boxes and how to enter data onto “Nest Watch.”

Overall I think this summer went very well at the Nature Academy and I felt like the kids learned to have fun with nature. I had a lot of fun this summer and am glad I got this opportunity to help out. I hope I can do it again in the future and build on the great foundation we established this year.

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