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Volunteer Feature: Mitchel Abts, Boy Scout

Hello, bluebird friends!  Showcasing the many students I have been blessed to have worked with, really gets me excited.  The Bluebird Experience is not just about me, or just about a wooden box, it is the magic of collaboration and the power of learning together.  These students always add such a joy and purpose to my Bluebird Experience, but I am always interested in hearing theirs.

It is an honor to introduce Mitchel Abts, a local Eau Claire Boy Scout of Troop 31.  Mitchel is mature and thoughtful, and he really made a difference and influence in our community.   With Mitchel’s positive influence, I have no doubt that he will continue to bless others with his leadership and overall giving attitude.  I am so grateful for his hard-work, and so without further adieu, here is Mitchel Abt’s Bluebird Experience.

My Bluebird Experience

By Mitchel Abts

Hello, my name is Mitchel Abts.  I’m fifteen years old, and I go to Regis High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I like playing football and tennis and hanging out with all my friends.  I’m also active with the Boy Scouts of America.  I am in troop 31, and I recently finished my Eagle Scout Project.  For my project, I made a Bluebird nestbox trail at Beaver Creek Reserve.

My first encounter with the Bluebird Restoration Project was when I was in third grade.  Shelly Sutley came to our school and helped us make Bluebird houses.  Five years later, when looking for an Eagle Scout Project, Catherine Keys approached me saying that Shelly needed a Boy Scout to make a Bluebird trail at Beaver Creek Reserve.  I took her offer without hesitation, I was excited to help with the Bluebird Restoration Project.  A few weeks later, I was already conversing with Shelly about the project.

Over the Summer of 2012, I worked with Shelly and the Bluebird Restoration Project to restore the Bluebird trail at Beaver Creek Reserve.  Beaver Creek already had a trail, but the houses were old and decaying, and did not house very many Bluebirds.  I started my project by scouting out the existing trail at Beaver Creek.  There I found that the majority of the houses were vacant and in poor condition.  There were also a good number of houses with sparrows living in them.   The next phase of my project was to create new, modern Bluebird houses, to repair those in need of repair, and to destroy the old houses in the way of the new houses..  I then brought all the new houses to the trail, where we put all the new houses and took out all the old houses that were in the way.  I then helped to set up a system to monitor and record the activity of the Bluebird houses.

With this project, I learned the importance monitoring and maintaining things that are important to you.  I also learned great leadership skills as I guided my crew of volunteers.  I also learned about the many wonders of nature, and the steps we must take to preserve nature.

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