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The Path Less Chosen

A life change can happen at any moment. A crossroads can present itself and you might be aware of it or you might not, you may have a choice of paths, or the path might choose you. My change was the latter. It was when my body misfired and forced me to have to sit in the fear of what Multiple Sclerosis was doing to me. My body was weighed down physically with pain and emotionally with fear. The brain fog was taking over me and decisions became nearly impossible to make. I’m thankful my path was decided for me – COVID, quarantine, and a MS flare up has led me to a new life in Kentucky where I was able to discover my best type of therapy.

Dr. Thecla Helmbrecht Howard’s therapy class at Kamp Kessa. An Intuitive Equine Therapy class touching on Zen Mind Zen Horse, The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses by Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, MD. Here I am learning how my brain is wired compared to the horse’s brain. This has helped me understand and process information clearer.

Traditional physical therapy was never truly an option and I’m glad it wasn’t! I am very grateful for Dr. Thecla for providing this meaningful way to work on my strength and mental clarity. By riding my horse, Derby, a 16 ½ hand Tennessee Walker I’ve learned about how my body works, to regain confidence in myself, and how to connect to my spirit spiritually.

To the right is a picture of me learning the chakra centers on the horse… I am grateful for this type of physical therapy... mind, body, and soul.

Kamp Kessa is funded by Sheltered Risks, Inc., which is a nonprofit that runs an equine therapy for off-the-track rescue horses and for people like me who are just trying to find and stay on their path!

I look forward to my new Bluebird Wednesday’s with Dr. Thecla Helmbrecht Howard at Kamp Kessa and my handsome Derby.

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