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The Evolution of Self Care

The Click, Clack, Click, Clack of my stilettos chirping down the sidewalk as I walked into my downtown, high rise office building was the anthem of success in my mid-twenties. I was working as a Sales Manager for a hot tech company in Denver and I wasn’t slowing down for anything. Every quarter when I reached my quota and got my commission check, I would treat myself to a day of “self-love”. Usually that meant doing a spa day, getting my nails repainted red, or drinking a Cosmo while rocking bright red lipstick. I was living life in the fast lane and little did I know this lifestyle and my family medical history was manifesting an imbalance in my immune system that led to a chronic illness called Multiple Sclerosis.

Over the past 25 years, I have been learning how to manage my MS and embrace the “new me”. It’s taken years of work and challenges, but I’ve found a balance between the corporate glamour of my past and my current tired self. Life for me now, is really a matter of perspective and I realized I prefer the Spa of Bluebirds, Horse Therapy and Nature versus the upscale white robe and slipper spa.

What I have learned was to heal myself, I must immerse myself in nature… in the spa nature created. Only by spending time by getting outdoors, touching Mother Earth and tuning into her healing vibration at Cedar Fire Farm AirBNB have I been able to dance to the sound of the click, clack, click, clack of the horses hooves which have become my new anthem.

My self-love routine now includes the Ranch Style Spa Treatment at Cedar Fire Farm - Hand Exfoliation Treatment with Mud Tips, the Cryo-Freeze Cowgirl Treatment (A Renewing Cold Blasted Nostril Draining), and the Cowgirl Feast catered by Cliffside Diner of Frankfort, Kentucky.

Some people may think Cedar Fire Farm is a rescue farm for off track horses and for special needs individuals. I think it is more in line with a Kentucky Five Star Bed & Breakfast, with nature based spa treatments, and physical therapy services. The five star rating comes from all the stars you can see on a clear night with only the sound of a passing train and the howl of the coyotes.

Embrace yourself where you are – the best days are yet to come!

Blessings my fellow MS Warriors and Bluebird Buddies!


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