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The 53rd Wednesday

There were 53 Wednesdays in 2020. That’s 53 blogs (or attempted blogs) reflecting every week of one of the most unprecedented years of our lives. The question that lingers is, what did I do with my 53 Wednesdays?

  • Installed, monitored, and documented bluebird nest boxes in Kentucky

  • Quarantined for 9 months (and counting!) during an international pandemic

  • Managed a relapse of my multiple sclerosis

  • Sold my home in Wisconsin so my daughter and I could move to Kentucky

  • Dipped my toe in the dating world

  • Enrolled in horse therapy at Kamp Kessa

  • Created content for a Bluebird Blog almost every Wednesday

Through the ups and downs of a life changing 2020, I have learned a very important lesson.

Moving into 2021, I will continue to water what makes me most grateful.

I am grateful for all the people Bluebird Experience has connected me with. I am grateful for the connection it brought me to Mother Earth. To continue nourishing this priority, this upcoming year I will take a day each week and focus my attention on her creatures and gifts.

I am grateful to have found Kamp Kessa in February 2020 right before the COVID pandemic was discovered. Dr. T and her herd of horses have been the highlight of managing my multiple sclerosis and my move to Kentucky. Kamp Kessa has helped fill my soul with joy and find serenity in a new state.

I am grateful for my family and new home. I am happy to be able to be with my parents and my daughter under the same roof. I am privileged and welcoming to the newness of living next door to my brother and having extended family so close. These are moments I never could have had before, and moments I don’t plan to take for granted.

These three gratuities fill my heart and soul with passion and hope for this moment. Life is meant for play as well as work, for laughter as well as tears, for celebration as well as focus. Smile and enjoy each breath and each moment.

For this moment, I am happy this is the last bluebird Wednesday of 2020. Bring it on, 2021!

PS: Due to it being a leap year, there were 53 Bluebird Wednesdays in 2020. According to Angel Number tradition, the number 53 is a number that will guide towards new experiences and positive change. It’s most associated with creativity, versatility, and courage. If those aren’t three words needed in 2020, I’m not sure what is!


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