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Springing into Decisions

As we all know, last year’s Spring brought a world of changes. Having life as we knew it come to a screeching halt provided people the opportunity to open their windows to songs of hope from supportive neighbors and our songbirds. For some, it was the first time birds could be heard so loudly with traffic and outdoor activity paused. For those confined and nature lovers, the songs of the songbirds became a comforting symphony.

Our decisions and priorities now will determine what we will experience in the upcoming everchanging months. Is it finally time to choose and commit to a new hobby? Some like to garden, therefore they plant the seeds now, water and tend to their seeds to reap the rewards of a flourishing garden come Summertime. Well, having a Bluebird Experience is the same, install a nest box, and you will have planted a symphony in your own yard. During COVID, we discovered and held onto the symphony of the birds, now we can thank them while tending to them.

Click the link below to read more about if becoming a Bluebird Landlord is your next right step!

If you already have a nest box installed, the next step is to create an account on

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