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Spirit of Success

Updated: May 6, 2021

Bluebird Experience was the recipient of the “Hershey’s Heartwarming Grant” of $250.00 as a part of Global Youth of Service of America initiative to help prepare the foaling barn for Coffee’s baby. This project sparked the inspiration behind creating an equine mounting ramp for Kamp Kessa on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

Spending time with Dr. Thecla, the owner and equine therapist at Kamp Kessa, and her husband Anthony Howard at Cedarfire Farm have reminded me how we all have the “Spirit of Success” within us by sharing the story of young Samuel.

Samuel has disabilities and challenges due to a rare genetic disorder called CHARGE Syndrome. Doctors first thought he’d never learn to effectively communicate or learn sign language, but after working with Dr. Thecla, Samuel learned the sign language sign for horse.

When I heard the story of how Samuel’s spirit was sparked while on his horse, TLC, I knew the gifts Dr. Thecla encompasses need to be honored and shared. My Equine Therapy at Kamp Kessa has added so much to my life and has helped me manage the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis. We are all going through obstacles, and instead of letting these obstacles destroy the spirit, I am learning to not let the flares up extinguish my light. I felt so inspired when I heard Samuel, like me, was able to grow through his love and experiences with horses.

It was a beautiful and healing moment of my therapy to learn how I was not alone in the process and I knew it was time to use the gifts God had given me as a community collaborator to share this feeling. I believe when we come together and accept each person's gifts the power of “Connect ~ Collaborate ~ Create” ignites a healing energy. Even though I’m “disabled” just as Samuel is, together we can brighten the light in all of us.

In Samuel’s Honor his parents made a donation of $1,000 which spurred this team to scavenge up materials and supplies. It was through creative collaboration of the Bluebird Experience Team, funding from the “Hay Fund” of Kamp Kessa and the First Christian Church of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and their youth group. We also had youth in attendance from the Boy Scouts of America Troop # 281 and the Girl Scouts of America Troop #1281 of Frankfort, KY. This group of youth and their leaders contributed so much, both financially and spiritually. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project as the newly installed wheelchair mount will open up many opportunities for Dr. Thecla and will ignite the spark of “spirit of success” in others.

My heart and spirit have been sparked with light and love and I hope the same has happened to you!



Please help reach our donation goal of $1500 to replenish the Hay Fund for the horses. Also, wood and building supplies for youth projects are greatly appreciated!

Sheltered Risks, LLC a 501(c) nonprofit which supports Kamp Kessa.

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