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Right Bird, Right House

To my Wisconsin Bluebird Enthusiast, now is the time for you to experience your first egg laying, I hope you have a happy Bluebirding Season. You are missed!!

Down here in Frankfort, Kentucky, folks have nestlings and some are already fledging! I currently have one Bluebird nest with eggs and five Tree Swallow nests. Tree Swallows remind me of one of those mosquito zapping machines zip zaps any bug that gets too close. If you are near water and don’t want mosquitoes, put up a songbird box and you will attract Tree Swallows, the best organic mosquito repellent I know of.

If you want to learn more about nestbox placements and bird attraction, coming up this weekend the Bluebird Experience team is hosting a

Clean Up, Build Up! @KampKessa

We will be building Bluebird Nest Boxes and decide where to strategically place them so we can encourage what they will attract. Eastern Bluebirds in wide open spaces; Tree Swallows near ponds, streams, lakes; and Chickadees and House Wrens prefer near trees and woods.

More Ways to Get Involved

If you are interested in building a nest box for your area, check out Right Bird, Right House, a NestWatch resource.

Once you have nest box breeding activity, I encourage you to log your data into Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s database. This creates data for the scientists and helps determine the health of your community. You can make a difference, one nest box observation at a time.

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