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Predators are everywhere, puzzling us with their slyness. Why, it took us weeks to learn that a snake was sneaking his way up the conduit pole, eating Bluebird and Chickadee eggs!

While the Bluebird Babes were touring the Bluebird Trail at Hickory Hills, a snake was heading towards one of our nest boxes. We had no idea what had been going on until we caught him red-handed with all our friends in tow!

Our nest box that was consumed by the snake taught me a lesson. I needed to dedicate myself to my projects, and take the time to listen to that gut feeling. If I would have taken the time to learn more about missing eggs, I would have figured it out sooner.  Seeing that snake right under our feet felt like a betrayal.

A conduit pole is the foundation of our Bennett Bluebird Nest Boxes. I have learned in life and love how important it is to keep my foundation, my integrity, strong. I attempt to keep those who would harm me away from my heart and my mind, while trying so hard to remember predators are sly.  You can’t always find them right away.

The stronger our foundation, the stronger we believe in ourselves. This allows us to listen to our hearts, our intuition, and the notice those that truly care and love us. The better our support system, the easier it is to identify our predators sooner.

In the excitement of that day I forgot to look around and think about the problems we were experiencing with that nest box. I was too wrapped up in my emotions to remember to breathe and be! I always forget to breathe.

Breathing allows me to belong to this moment and focus on my core, my conduit bar. When that is sturdy and protected, no snake will ever slither up unnoticed to devour the love I have in my heart.

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