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Picture a scientist’s uniform. What do you see?

Probably a cleanly pressed, long, white lab coat equipped with an impressive name badge consisting of a bunch of lettered acronyms behind the scientist’s name. They have on closed toed shoes, safety glasses, and reusable gloves.

Now picture a citizen scientist. What are they wearing?

Nothing coming to mind? We're here to help. Bluebird Experience has determined the 2020 Bluebird Wednesday must-haves for all citizen scientists.

The 2020 “it” color for Bluebird Fashion is…..


Let’s start with your bag. Since Bluebird Wednesday’s are made for nestbox monitoring, you’ll need a good sized bag to keep all your supplies handy. We use blue, customized 31 bags.

What’s on the inside of your bag is just as important as the outside. So what’s in your bag?

The Necessities

  1. A notepad/pen - To be a citizen scientist means documenting, documenting, documenting. Everything you see could be helpful to the right person, so write down everything! Doodle pictures, write silly descriptions, anything you say or do could help a fellow scientist.

  2. A hammer - Sometimes nest boxes get stuck and are hard to open. Nothing a hammer can't fix! Just remember to knock on the bird's door first so they know you're coming (especially if you're using tools!)

  3. Extra nails/Screws - Songbirds like all four walls of their home to be closed, so if a nail falls out of their box, it needs to be replaced.

  4. A handheld mirror - The best way to quickly show a crowd the contents of a nest box is to use the mirror rather than taking turns to look inside.

  5. A paint scraper - House Sparrows are an invasive species that are not protected. They bully other songbirds and their nest should be removed if found. The easiest way is to use a paint scraper.

  6. Rubber gloves - If removing a House Sparrow nest is necessary, rubber gloves can make the process much more clean and sanitary. Plus it'll make you feel even more like a citizen scientist!

  7. Plastic bags - To dispose of the unwanted nest and used gloves.

  8. Hand Sanitizer - Nature is fun, but shouldn't stay on your hands! Always sanitize after birding.

Now onto your outfit.

Just remember, “On Wednesdays We Wear Blue”. Anything blue will do, but the bigger the better. It’s like putting on your birding camouflage. Sure, it may be flashy to other humans, but to the birds you’ll blend right in. Here’s some looks to inspire you to find your unique Bluebird Wednesday fashion.

Our first inspiring looks follow the rule K.I.S.S.

Keep it Simple, Stylist!

These guys are looking pretty “fly” in their blue shirts. Meanwhile, Shelly is following K.I.S.S perfectly with a classic, flowy, blue t-shirt dress.

Kevin, Krista, and Joey are wigging out! They sure pulled together an amazing look with that blue wig.

When’s a better time to wear feathers than while birding? Never, is the answer! Throw on a maxi skirt, fashion hat, and a feathered shawl to really embrace the essence of a bluebird.

Looking for something even bigger? Add some wings to the ensemble!

Masks are essential if you’re birding with a group. The masks on the left are perfect if you want to blend into the bird culture. The mask on the right is a fashion forward way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Last, but not least, the easiest way to make a splash in Bluebird fashion is rocking the Bluebird Experience “On Wednesdays We Wear Blue” shirt. Truly an iconic way to show that you are a trendy, and fashionable citizen scientist.

Happy Bluebird Wednesday everyone! Visit our shop and add to your Bluebird Wednesday ensemble!

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Eileen M. Stasny
Eileen M. Stasny

Such wonderful information and all the employees look so happy.

Shelly you get prettier and prettier everyday my love. I miss our good old days at Intelligent Electronics. You stay safe now.

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