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Monitoring My Thoughts

Hello Bluebird Friends!

As many of you found out last week, I am cleaning out my nest. It’s definitely a process and I’m amazed at how much I have accumulated over the years.

Thinking about leaving behind my home, my relationships, my unfinished projects, the bluebird trails, and the many bluebird babes, landlords, influencers, and whatever name we’ve created over the past 13 years has also made me accumulate negative thoughts and self-doubt in this decision.

Whenever I face a difficult thought, I think back to the bluebirds. If my thoughts are like a nest box, they need to be monitored to keep the negative house sparrows away. Like a house sparrow, self-doubt and unconstructive thoughts can destroy the hope, optimism, and joy a nest box’s occupants will bring.

I am learning how to monitor my own thoughts. It’s okay to question things and think critically on my new situation, but as soon as the thoughts turn to insecurity, I take my reused plastic bag and scoop out the house sparrow nest to make room for the good. Monitoring your thoughts and words are just as important as monitoring your bluebird trail. What I put out into the universe will return to me – thinking and speaking positively and with confidence, will bring the greatest results.

My lesson learned this week? Be aware of what I am thinking about and how I’m distributing my energy. My thoughts carry a message and it influences those around me. We can choose our own narrative that will create our reality. Stay positive, confident, and most importantly…be kind to yourself in your thoughts and words! Monitoring will create magic <3

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