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How to be a Bluebird Babe

To be a Bluebird Babe, you have to be ready for anything!  If there’s one thing we have learned while out monitoring is that every day is different.  Mary, one of our Bluebird Babes, developed these informal rules through her experiences out on the Bluebird Trails.  Mary always counts down from four to one, and her excitement is infectious!  I can’t help but laugh every time I remember these rules.

Phyllis, Mary, and Linda

Mary’s Bluebird Babe Rules:

Number Four: You must be willing to clean out the nest boxes.

Number Three: You have to sing Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah.

Number Two: You have to wear blue.

Number One: You have to love Bluebirds!

When I think about being a Bluebird Babe, it makes me smile!  To us, the Bluebird Babes represent happiness, hope, nature, being active in the community, and good health.  Who wouldn’t feel joy, seeing such magic out in those boxes?  We love sharing this experience with others and seeing that sparkle in their eyes when they open their first box.  Even though many of us have opened hundreds of boxes, the sparkle, the wonderment is still there.

Sharing the Magic!

Being a Bluebird Babe is about becoming not just a nest box landlord, but a good neighbor.  We all check in with each other.  When we come up to a nest box, we knock before coming in, and leave before we’re unwanted.  We clean up our messes (and sometimes their messes too!) and leave no trace of our visit.  We respect their space and enjoy the bird’s company.  We strive to be a good house guest!

Mother Nature takes care of us, giving us the sun, the rain, and the grass we play on.  Bluebird Babes feel that we should return this favor, and check in on nature’s children as well.  So what is a Bluebird Babe?  Someone who cares.

Frank and Larry: Bluebird Babes (See, men can be Babes too!)

How to get involved as a Bluebird Babe:

Monitoring on Thursdays

Bluebird Babes: Mary, Phyllis, Mavis, Linda, Beth

Contact Phyllis:

Monitoring on Tuesdays

This trail is still in development, and needs some Bluebird Babes!

Contact Phyllis:

Monitoring on Mondays

This trail is still in development, and needs some Bluebird Babes!

Contact Derek:

Our other trails outside Beaver Creek Reserve and at the UWEC Children’s Nature Academy are currently being privately run.  The golf courses are the best way to get involved, so please email our contacts above!

Larry and Hayley teaching at the UWEC Children's Nature Academy.

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