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Fledging My Comfort Zone

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Being around Bluebirds has been my comfort zone for the past 14 years. Creating Bluebird Experience helped me find my posse, daily routine, and my purpose – creating, collaborating, and connecting with the Eau Claire community. I had established my own peaceful oasis where I found comfort and identity while being “The Bluebird Lady.”

Ever since Sherry Ross sparked my interest and knowledge of Bluebirds 14 years ago, I saw them everywhere! Bluebirds would show up daily – through pictures, sitting on my bird feeder, while driving to my doctor appointments, on my friend’s shirts – they always gave me something to talk about and a way to connect with people. Bluebirds were my common ground.

Fast forward to today and that comfort level is gone. I am in a new state with a different posse, no routine, and little purpose. I’ve been trying to initiate that spark again, to find my way like I had in Eau Claire. Hope was dwindling until I found another common symbol – instead of a bluebird, I find myself constantly seeing a hawk.

Every direction I turn in Kentucky, a hawk seems to meaningfully linger. When I saw my third hawk in a day, I knew this was a message from above through the Hawk Spirit. It’s saying, “Shelly, stop moving so fast and take the time to listen to the messages around you. It’s time to see clearly and focus on what you truly want. This moment is your manifestation taking place. Do not dismiss your intuition, but check your motives and don’t miss new opportunities by comparing it to the past.” Pretty wise hawk, huh?

“Comfort, the enemy of progress.” - PT Barnum

This is a new start, a new perspective, and a new level of discomfort that I have been afraid and unwilling to address. With the hawk spirit mindset, I am flying towards all my fears of leaving my familiar home, doctors, assistants and colleagues. I feel happy and blessed to have had the guts to accept this fate. I don’t need to hold onto fear… the bluebirds remind me to hang on to hope and cherish my past, while the hawk tells me to confront my changes and grow in my new present.

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