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Family Camp at Kamp Kessa, Part Two

Last week I completed the “Horses & Homesteading” Family Camp at Kamp Kessa. The camp’s focus was a hands-on family farm experience to explore various aspects of the homesteading experience as it relates to horses. Instead of sharing only about my experience, I’d love to share some testimonials from my co-campers!

“When arriving on Kamp Kessa property, you can feel/see the positive energy that lives on the land. I have been on this farm countless amount of times and every experience is unique and sentimental.

This last time I went, we were working on sustainable living on a farm. While we were outside, we went on beautiful trail rides, made a gorgeous bonfire, learned how to lunge with my horse, and what specific horses were used for, and what they are used for now. After completing a trail ride, or working outside with the horses, we came inside to learn more about sustainability. We made things such as homemade butter, soy candles, how to make natural fly spray, and how to make a dreamcatcher- all using natural resources.”

- Aubrey (age 13)

“This camp is awesome, I had a lot of fun being with everyone. We all learned so much. This offers more learning about horses, plant and garden life and more! After we go on trail rides, we do more indoor activities. Youth groups came down to support the bluebird experience project and completed projects that enhanced the land with beauty.”

- Ava (age 12)

Family Camp brought together adults and children to experience and learn about the benefits of horses and healing in nature. We learned about the similarities when working with horses and humans – to be friendly, fair, firm, and final. Many lessons were learned that will play into the day-to-day lives of all participants.

During Family Camp, we also enjoyed the help from youths groups across Kentucky who came together and built Bennett Bluebird Nest Boxes and Aldo Leopold benches. They worked on construction of a deck on the Lakota Cabin and spreading mulch around the barn. It was a fun-filled week of youth from ages 12-17 years old with bright beautiful smiles!

Next Family Camp at Kamp Kessa is July 19-23, 2021

9am - 3pm Monday-Friday

Click to register for the next Family Camp - Nature. Horses & Games!

Deposit of $150 due at time of registration

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