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Earth Day & The Bluebirds

What does Earth Day 2020 look like under Shelter-at-Home requirements?

Earth Day was created in 1970 to give a voice to the public regarding current environmental concerns and doing so created a foundation of the ongoing environmental consciousness. Every April 22nd since 1970 is dedicated to speaking out and acting upon current environmental issues. The first Earth day, and many after that were spent outside - classes were taught outside, people gave mindful appreciation to the outdoors, and sustainability rallies were held. April 22nd, 2020 should be no different, but there will have to be a little twist.

Our lives are very similar to a songbird’s during these times. Like a bluebird, we are tied to our homes and making them as comfortable as possible. Our only journeys to the outside world are for necessities; food, water, housing materials. Our homes are quaint nestboxes providing refuge, love, and safety for our families; they are the places to create the magic our hearts need and desires.

In normal times, birds are all around us, but often ignored. Why not use Earth Day 2020 to learn a little bit more about our very close neighbors? Cornell Lab of Ornithology has made it very easy to access all the information we need.

Merlin - Bird Identification Application from the Apple App Store or Google Play

This is a simple way to identify all the bird species surrounding you. Simply download, select your region, answer a few more questions about a bird near you and pictures of possible birds will appear. Then you find the right one and select “That’s My Bird!” where you can explore information and a notification goes to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to update their ongoing efforts of migration tracking and monitoring. You are becoming a citizen scientist!

Learn about that American Robin living in a tree in your backyard or find out why Northern Cardinals don’t migrate. Hear the calls and songs of a wide variety of birds and link up to live bird cam videos to enjoy nature in your own home. All the information is provided by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

NestWatch - or download the app onto your phone

NestWatch is bird watching meets technology. It is sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and “is a nationwide monitoring program designed to track status and trends in the reproductive biology of birds”. Utilizing NestWatch is a true way to become an active citizen scientist. You not only will be identifying and learning about birds, NestWatch provides the instructions and platform to monitor and track the data regarding bird breeding and nesting habits. This is a commitment to a hobby that will go beyond just Earth Day!

Join Bluebird Experience in learning and preserving our songbirds this year for Earth Day. It may seem as though our world is standing still, but Bluebirds are showing up and so should we.

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