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Cycle of Collaboration

When thinking about all the names and faces that have been a part of this project, I feel like I’m reading the end credits of a feature film. It’s an incredible number of people with so many different job titles, duties, and talents that have truly turned this project into an experience.

Bluebird Experience has given a hobby and purpose to so many people, from youth to senior citizens, college students to Pre-K. Seeing the many different age groups that are attracted to Bluebird Experience reminds me of the life cycle of a bluebird – from eggs to fully fledged adults, we are all just trying to survive and make our mark.

Eggs: Babies & Youth - They like to be there. Spending time with Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa at a park, golf course, or their own backyard exploring with their loved ones, they like being there.

Hatchlings: UWEC Children’s Nature Academy & Grade School – They like to be involved. Whether they’re running ahead to KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK on the next nestbox or just riding in the wagon wearing a blue shirt and holding the notebook, our hatchlings are ready for a little responsibility.

Nestlings: Eagle Scouts & High School – They like to hold the reins. For the first time, they start to call the shots on their own project. Whether it be building houses or predator control contraptions, nestlings are starting to hear their own voice.

Chicks: Service Learning & College – They like to create a role. A little more mature and experienced, problem solving, data analysis, and technology ideas are their expertise. Still needing a little direction here and there as they are becoming their own.

Fledglings: Young Adults & Young Professionals – They like to be in their element. With more knowledge of the world around them and what they want to do, our fledglings bring innovation, hope, and aspirations to the table.

Adults: Bluebird Babes & Professionals – They like to observe and teach. With experience, knowledge, and wisdom under their belt, our most mature age group enjoys sharing the experience with all.

I want to share my gratitude to all those who took a chance and gave time to the Bluebird Restoration Project over the years. The diversity in our volunteers is what has transformed this project into a beautiful Bluebird Experience. Thank you!

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