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Connect, Collaborate, Create...

When I connect with another human or organization, I’m thinking what gifts does this person

embody? What am I to learn, feel and embrace at this moment. I have learned there is no such thing as a coincidence... There is a reason people cross our path. Realizing something is going to come of this union. Good, Bad, Ugly or Beautiful... it is usually an opportunity to learn something about myself.

Over the years I have learned the gift of collaboration and how when you give someone the tools to think freely and openly they are able to use this collaboration to create something magical. Each one of us has a unique quality that is waiting to be shared. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. The Bluebird Restoration project taught me this... the birds have a song to sing, not to be praised but to be heard. We as humans have a song to sing, it is our Ego that needs to be praised. It is our heart that allows the creativity to be felt.

It is my wish that the creative collaboration that has come about due to the restoration efforts of the Bluebird continues to motivate community projects and nonprofits to tap into the creativity of our youth and young adults. An idea truly reaches its full potential when a diverse community is offered the opportunity to connect, collaborate and create. That is how the Bluebird Experience evolved into an amazing grassroots effort which strives to bring people together and make a difference... restoring songbirds and restoring hope!

Happy Bluebird Wednesday to anyone who needs a little love in their world!


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