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Cleaning Out the Nest

Fall is in season! The official end of the Eastern Bluebird breeding season is here. It is time to clean out your nestboxes and prepare for winter.

Our goal of cleaning out the nestboxes is to make them inviting for the next occupants; whether that be squirrels and mice trying to survive the harsh Wisconsin winters or a fourth generation bluebird returning to their birthplace in the springtime. Wisconsin’s wildlife and weather are constantly changing, so adapting our bluebird nestboxes for each season will benefit a lot more than only our native songbirds.

The seasons in Wisconsin resemble the seasons of my life. The transitions between seasons are sometimes abrupt, unwelcomed, or jagged, while others may be the refreshing shift needed to motivate my spirit. This change from summer into fall has sent life as I know it into a spiral. The time has come to clean out my decade long “nest” in Eau Claire.

I am officially moving from Wisconsin to Kentucky. The decision was abrupt and almost unexpected to me, but deep down I know it is right for myself and my family.

Eau Claire has been my home for the past 15 years. I have created a very cozy and safe nest for myself and any friends who have shared it. While I’m moving out of my nest, I realized it pays off to take out the trash on a weekly basis, fix things when broken, and protect my nestlings with a clean and healthy nest.  These actions allowed for me to create a healing and safe haven for my daughter, myself and those who entered my home.  Through constant maintenance, regular cleaning, and repairs I have made it an easy transition for my nest’s next occupants.

By cleaning out my nest I am opening myself up for a new chapter. Bluebirds leave their nest for a new adventure, a migration, a new food source, and a new home. The process happened rapidly. Many of my friends have rallied around my mother and daughter to declutter and clean up my house to sell.  I feel loved, treasured and blessed. Through the Bluebird Restoration Project, I made incredible friends and mentored many boy scouts and students – all who have fledged and transformed into better versions of themselves. It is now time for me and my family to fledge, to reunite with my parents, and start a new chapter with new adventures.  

My spirit and my heart will always hold Eau Claire, Wisconsin and my friends and doctors at Mayo close ❤️ even though there will be a distance between us.  

My spirit and love won’t be too far away, and the same goes the other way.  It is sad to know I am not returning to my Wisconsin nest, but by moving, I’m making room for others to move in and grow in a safe and healing environment.  

“You get what you give”

~ New Radicals

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1 Comment

Blake Opitz
Blake Opitz
Oct 01, 2020

Well this saddens me, however excited and happy for you. I hope your new adventure has nothing less than happy surprises. You are so loved and will be missed, my wayward girl.

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