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Changing of Seasons

Usually I can feel the seasons changing. This time in Wisconsin, I would feel the cool, arctic wind creeping in. I’d be breaking out my layers of flannels and wool sweaters to enjoy the sunshine during the day followed by comfortably sitting around a bonfire at night.

Here in Kentucky, I can hear fall-time coming in. Throughout the summer, I would sit on my patio and absorb the sounds of nature around me – a nearby babbling brook, a light summer breeze through the wildflowers, and most of all the busy chirping and calls of songbirds building their nests and families. Yesterday whilst sitting on the patio, I couldn’t hear the birds. Their sound was now replaced with frogs, dragonfly wings, and the overpowering sound of hundreds of cicadas. Cicadas are a unique and often overlooked animal. Some develop and live under Earth for 13 years before emerging synchronically with cicadas of their same breed. That’s why I think their cries are so loud, they have finally unearthed and are free – even if it’s only for a moment in their lives’ timeline. It’s a once in a lifetime relief for them.

The phrase “once in a lifetime” is being thrown around a lot lately.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME economic crisis.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME pandemic outbreak.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME hurricane season.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME election process.

ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME cicadas emerge to sing in the Kentucky air.

The cicadas, butterflies, wildflowers, frogs, and songbirds aren’t concerned with the “once in a lifetime” occurrences that are plaguing humans every day. All they know is that the seasons are changing and they have a life to live. This got me thinking…

Now that the earth is transitioning into a new season what am I doing to improve and transition myself?

During the start of a new phase, I like to dive into changes spiritually in order to mentally clear my thought process for the future. Oftentimes I start with pulling a few cards from some of my oracle decks. This time, I decided to intentionally pull the Animal Spirit cards of beings I’ve been noticing more often than before.

THE FROG: Clearing, Cleansing, and Healing. Frogs and water go hand in hand. A frog knows it needs water to heal and rejuvenate. If they are feeling overworked and undernourished while on land, it just takes one jump off the lily pad to be emerged in the healing water of their youth.

THIS CARD REMINDS US of our need to practice self-care. Take this transitional time to dive into yourself to make sure you’re never pouring from an empty cup.

THE BUTTERFLY: Undergoing great change and transformation. Butterfly energy enters us during transitional times. Transition may be uncomfortable for some, but approaching it with patience, kindness, and understanding will produce the best results. Communicating any fears or discomforts to your loved ones will form a “cocoon” like support system that will do wonders for your spirit.

THIS CARD REMINDS US to utilize and be grateful for our connections in life and that it’s okay to surrender yourself to your calling because that is how you will transform into the person you’re supposed to be.

Appreciating the changes in nature, especially cicadas, has taught me to even further appreciate the power of now; to not constantly fret over future timelines that I truly have no control over. To improve my fall-time transition, I made a list of obtainable goals:

· Complete the quilts I started during quarantine

· Research and learn more about native fall species in Kentucky

· Continue my Yoga and meditation practices and visiting mystical places like the waterfalls in Kentucky

It’s time to ask yourself…

Now that the earth is transitioning into a new season what are you doing to improve and transition yourself?


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