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Bluebirds - Spring is Here!

Wow! What an amazing March it has been!

We had our first Clean Up day at Kamp Kessa on March 20, 2021 with Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops of Midway, Kentucky. It was a wonderful experience to connect with the Scouts of Kentucky and it made me feel like living in the south was truly becoming my home.

In the South, the songbird season comes sooner and lasts longer. Eastern Bluebirds normally start scouting out their nesting sites in February compared to March or April in the north. It has been a delightful surprise to witness bluebirds dancing around at Kamp Kessa farm during my physical therapy and around my parents house in early March.

Spring is here and I hope you take the time to put up a nest box or check on your nest box because our songbirds need your support and we need them. If you need an extra reason to put up a box this year, having a nesting songbird is free insect control! Especially our friends, tree swallows, they love those mosquitoes while Bluebirds love ticks!

So for now, I hope you will be as inspired as we are by these beautiful songbirds! It’s a blessing to have the sounds and smells of Spring in the air!

Bluebird Blessings,


Youth of America Service Hours, picking up trash that has blown onto Kamp Kessa’s land! Making America Beautiful with trash pick up and Bluebird Nest Boxes.

Bluegrass Scouts Clean Up Day at Kamp Kessa

Bluegrass Scouts Clean Up Day at Kamp Kessa

Bluebird nest at my parents home in Frankfort, Kentucky

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