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Bluebird Festival Buddies 2015

Connect – Collaborate – Create. These are the building blocks of Bluebird Experience and these ideals are what made the Bluebird Festival successful this past September. Bluebird Experience collaborated with many amazing people to create the festival, including:

Lexi (right) and her sister Jamie (left)

Lexi (right) and her sister Jamie (left)

Lexi Bengtson: Event Photographer

School: UW-Eau Claire

Major: Movement Science

Graduation: December 2015

Career Aspiration: Personal Trainer/Chiropractor

Festival Quote: “I thoroughly enjoyed doing my service learning through the Bluebird Experience! Not only was it educational and eye-opening, the people who I worked with were what made this experience the best. It was a great team and there was so much positive energy throughout. I hope this continues to grow and spread awareness to others because Shelly Sutley and her team are doing great things.”

Kayla Burger: Technical Director

kayla 2

School: UW-Stout

Major: Cross-Media Graphics

Graduation: December 2016

Quote: “I enjoyed working with Bluebird Experience because it allowed me to contribute to an organization that is constantly striving to bridge technology and environmental education-I think there is so much our world can accomplish by exploring the opportunities that exist within this bridge. Nonetheless,  I was able to exercise skills I learned in the classroom and collaborate with other great, caring Bluebird Babes!”

Breanna Cook: Dancing Queen

Breanna Cook

School: UW-Eau Claire

Major: Human Resources

Graduation: May 2015

Career Aspiration: Human Resources Manager

Festival Quote: “It was heart warming to see children of all ages so curious to learn more about nature.”

Hailey Kiefer: Assistant Coordinator

School: UW-Eau Claire

Major: Political Science

Graduation: December 2015

Career Aspiration: Non-Profit Coordinator

Festival Quote: “I learned many things from my participation with the Bluebird Experience and Bluebird Festival but the main thing the experience taught me was how important it is to connect with the nature around us. I don’t live in Wisconsin anymore, but the values that the Bluebird Experience taught me have inspired me to learn about that natural life of Eastern Europe. I have taken an interest in the birds of the Czech Republic, where I live, and I have grown to appreciate their contribution to the ecosystem. I feel a sense of responsibility to protect the natural world around me. At the very least, I learned to be conscious of, and to take responsibility for my ecological footprint.”

Sam Plasch: Creative Director School: UW-Stout

Major: Art Education

Graduation: May 2017 Career Aspiration: International Education Specialist

Festival Quote: “I loved helping the kids make their bluebird masks and seeing how proud they were with the finished products. They looked so cute wearing their masks and wings in the giant nest!

Max Spooner: Videographer

Career Aspiration: Professional Photographer/Videographer

Notable Accomplishments: Cinematographer of the documentary “Isaac’s Story”, and Photographer at Sun Dance Film Festival 2016

Festival Quote: “I felt like a superstar”

Ian Walker: Captain Adaptability

School: UW-Eau Claire

Major: Finance

Graduation: May 2015

Career Aspiration: Financial Analyst

Quote: “One thing I will always take out of my experiences with Bluebird Experience is ROI, not return on investment, but return on influence. This helped me realize that helping others and influencing others is a huge passion of mine.”

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