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Bed & Breakfast for the Birds!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Bluebird Experience is switching on their “Vacancy” signs to attract new and returning songbirds to their Bluebird Bed and Breakfast. It’s Springtime and that means the Bluebirds and songbirds are back from their winter vacations and ready to “get it on”. Why would a Bluebird choose one of our 8 locations? Well just check out our list of amenities:

Let’s shine the spotlight on one of our favorite features; Housekeeping.

Monitoring is housekeeping. Checking in on the nest boxes every 4-7 days ensures our guests are clean and safe. Instead of coming with the typical housekeeping supplies, we’ll come stocked with our clipboard and data chart, a map of rooms, a maintenance sheet, cleaning supplies, and large trash can.

The second phase of housekeeping is reporting all instances– major or minor to corporate headquarters. Corporate being Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch. After every visit, we report back on progress in the nest boxes – is there a nest inside? What kind of songbird is creating a home? How many fledglings are there? Our data aids in national scientific studies, songbird reproductive research, and can help measure the overall health of our environment and community.

Need more convincing? Watch the following video to see the Bluebird Bed and Breakfast team monitoring the nest boxes at Hickory Hills Golf Course.

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