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Barns and Boxes

When I moved to Kentucky, there were times when I deeply questioned what the next phase of my life would bring me. Will I remain invested in the bluebird project or is it time for a new project? I had been searching for an answer when I found it right in front of me.

I’ve been attending the rehabilitative horse camp at Kamp Kessa for almost six months now. I have learned a lot about horses and my disability, but my thoughts would always come back to bluebirds. That’s when I realized, it’s all connected because it’s all the same. The barn pictured is the barn a foal will be born in, sometime in April at Kamp Kessa. This looks like a very large bluebird box, it’s just laying on the ground. It has a top, bottom, sides, and an entrance. Both bluebird boxes and horse barns are “just a wooden box”, it’s the magic inside and the time we give that make them memorable.

It’s time for Spring cleaning and we are preparing for a foal due to arrive at Kamp Kessa in April/May – it’s the same time frame the bluebirds are returning to mate! The connection between nest boxes and barns swept a wave of magical excitement through me. Asking youth groups to help prepare for a foal box at Kamp Kessa is my next project! This situation mirrors Bluebird Experience’s efforts to replace abandoned, rickety nest boxes in Wisconsin, so I’m planning to bring what I learned in Wisconsin to my new home of Frankfort, Kentucky. It’s time to Connect. Collaborate. And Create with a new community of Boy & Girl Scouts, Doctors, Parents, Students, Teachers, Neighbors, and Citizens.

Thank you to everyone new and old that has helped me on this journey. For my Frankfort friends, please consider donating any wood, scraps, or building supplies to help restore wood structures (chicken coop, duck boxes, bluebird boxes, and mounting stairs) at Kamp Kessa. We invite you to come help clean up and lend a hand on April 24, 2021. Kamp Kessa is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 and donations may be made directly to Kamp Kessa at Sheltered Risks, Inc.

If you can’t donate your time, donate some items!

List of items that are needed (recycled, repurposed and new donations are welcome! )

Donations may be dropped off next to the hay barn. Kamp Kessa / Sheltered Risks, Inc.

758 Beechridge Road Frankfort KY 40601

If you are interested in volunteering, or questions about donating products, email:

or call Dr. Thecla Helmbrecht Howard (502) 376-4367

To sign up for current volunteer opportunities fill out Kamp Kessa's Volunteer Sign Up Form.

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