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An Ode to Mom

Happy Bluebird Wednesday Friends! 

Welcome back to an update on the whirlwind of moving. This past week I’ve been trying to virtually pack up my Wisconsin nest, put it on the market and prepare to migrate down to Kentucky. Thanks to technology, I can steadily watch the progress through FaceTime and oddly enough, my Ring Doorbell Camera.

I’ve watched countless friends, neighbors, and home buyers come into my home. Some are coming to share the love by taking things I don’t need anymore, while others are saying goodbye to a home and family they’ll miss dearly. One thing remains consistent though; my mom.

My Mom is an ambitious, capable and resilient woman!  She is the Queen of Sheba of our family and the glue that holds us all together. She had the vision of us all living together in Kentucky once my father retired and sold his practice in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It has been 30 years since our family has all lived in one state.  I am grateful for my Mother and her strength and organizational skills to make this move happen.  

During the COVID pandemic the use of technology and the FaceTime capabilities has come in handy as we virtually sort through all the accumulated belongings I have gathered over the years.  I realize how absolutely fortunate I am for my mother's guidance and support while coordinating with all of my wonderful and dear friends to help disperse my stuff.  During this time, I feel like my mother is demonstrating the same behaviors of a mother bluebird… not only did she help me make my nest, but now she is helping me disassemble and move my nest of treasured items.  This unexpected move has caused a lot of overwhelming feelings to surface.  Always remember to count your blessing and breathe into any sadness that arises.  Sitting with these new emotions has brought a feeling of complete gratitude for my Mother and her support!

Thank you, Mom, for everything you do. I look up to you everyday and truly cherish your love and support.

Bluebird Blessing to all, but especially on this Bluebird Wednesday to my mother, Maree. 

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