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A Letter from Shelly: Making the Effort

Today is a Flower Moon, meaning it’s the full moon in May. It’s named so because of the bounties of flowers that bloom during this month. I enjoy learning about and relying on the cycle of the moon because it’s consistency and repetition brings me closer to the nature surrounding me. The moon has been with me for many phases of my life, from dark to radiant.  Each phase has taught me to breathe, believe, and be in this moment while keeping my eyes to the skies in appreciation. When we look to the skies, we can see the beauty in nature everywhere. We just have to make the effort to look.  

Making the effort to look has become a mantra in my life. After being diagnosed with MS, every ounce of energy went to doing tasks that were effortless before; brushing my teeth, showering, even eating were exhausting. I didn’t have the motivation to use the little energy I had to go outside anymore.

That all changed when I saw my first bluebird egg. It was so delicate and blue, I couldn’t believe how peaceful it was. I realized my nest boxes were filled with moon shaped eggs; some white with speckled dots, others tiny and magnificently white, while the Bluebird’s were tiffany blue. The colors of the eggs reminded me of the rare blue moons, the white, radiant full moons, and the sometimes yellow speckled moon. Returning to the nest boxes every week and seeing the eggs transform into nestlings, followed by fledglings, and finally adult birds showed me another beautiful cycle nature provides us.

Today make the effort to appreciate nature by checking on your bluebird boxes, look up in the sky and enjoy the songbirds. Tonight, look up in the sky to see May’s Full Flower Moon rising.  Tonight and tomorrow night the moon will shine its brightest and it will be the best time to soak up its energy and fertility.  Look up with appreciation and feel the moonlight surround you. The darkness leaves as a calming, consistent, and peaceful presence settles inside your soul.

May’s Full Supermoon is a time to celebrate our Nest Boxes, plant the seeds of hope, and celebrate the fertility of your bluebird experience. Sometimes all it takes is a little effort to just show up.

Bluebird Blessings,



Stay curious about bluebirds and how to attract them at Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin

Click to find out when the moon will be visible in your area: Moonrise and Moonset Calculations

Credit: Bluebird Life Cycle Picture -

Amsel, Sheri. "Bird Life Cycle (Eastern Bluebird)" Exploring Nature Educational Resource ©2005-2020. May 6, 2020

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