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Technology & Bluebirds

Technology & Bluebirds

Offering children the opportunity to use different forms of talent, such as art, technology, and creative thinking to help  create the Bluebird Restoration Project was such an amazing experience.

My children and their friends, were actually teaching me, that by using this form of hands-on education we were able to spread the message of Bluebird and Happiness.

The inspiration I gained by watching the community learn from our displays filled my soul.

Bluebird monitoring observations and data were gathered and entered into by the Regis Catholic School children.  By utilizing the opportunity to be in nature, and effectively using technology, the students and I were given the opportunity to create the Bluebird Restoration Project Book.

Regis Catholic Schools embraced our project and allowed us to incorporate the BRP into their curriculum.  Now the Eau Claire School district has joined our hands-on learning experience, along with many others.

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