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Sponsoring The Bluebird Experience

As our project continues to grow, we need the community’s help.  Hickory Hills Golf Course was the first to offer a place for our nest boxes.  John Norby let our Girl Scout Troop set up a Bluebird Trail with the help of Beaver Creek Reserve, which was the beginning!

Now you may wonder, how did Hickory Hills benefit from the nest boxes placed around the course?  Well, the exciting thing about restoring the songbird population in the area means less bugs!  John Norby now uses less insecticide as the birds are taking care of that problem in a Mother Nature-friendly way.  This leads to happier golfers as they also get beautiful songbirds to listen to as they play.

It has also increased traffic at the course.  Visitors and members are interested in the project and our data which helps build the community atmosphere that we all desire!  We host Bluebird festivals at Hickory Hills which brings in future members who at first had no interest in golfing.

The birds have brought such happiness to the course.  We connected a camera to a nest box and hooked it up to a television in the club house.  This allows members to witness the magic of nature first hand in a way that doesn’t interfere with the birds.  The impact has been huge!  Last year at the end of the season, the entire men’s league gave us a huge cheer because they had just witnessed the last two fledglings leave the nest.  This is how you bridge nature and technology in a way that brings a community together!

Sponsorship means we get the technology needed to display more nest boxes and show more people the miracles outside their door.  Interest in this technology has increased.  For example, Northstar Middle School started their own Bluebird Trail last year and need help to set up a camera and television like we have at the course.  Sponsorship lets us purchase educational supplies such as nest box parts and reading materials.  It also allows us to put on educational seminars and build our programs to fit our community.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor our experience, please email!

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