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Beautiful Problems

With a new year, comes another empty box to be filled with a myriad of possibilities, adventures, and decisions. This year, the unlimited potential has created some serious anxiety. No matter how much I try to calm my mind and relieve the constant nervous chatter in my mind, it remains a constant nuisance.

A breakthrough of the chatter did come as I realized I am not the only one that deals with seasonal depression or has a spastic nervous system. After being alone physically for so long through quarantine, it was oddly comforting to know I wasn’t alone mentally. My anxieties then turned back to the familiar excitement I usually feel at the start of a new year, because to me it is the start of my Bluebird Experience season. Every January, my team sets intentions for the upcoming Bluebird Breeding season. Each year has a different need and now that I am in Kentucky, I am assessing the next step in my Bluebird Experience. With this anxiety turned excitement, a renewal of hope resurfaces, I can feel something magical is about to happen.

To awaken the magic, I have found myself drawn back to the practice of meditation…to focusing on my breathe, my happiness, and my goals for the 14th year of Bluebirds.

“Perseverance” Never give up!

I will do my best to have open attention to the present

I will embrace every encounter and feed my soul with life’s lessons.

I will speak my truth.

I will have a mindset of self-acceptance.

I will treat myself with compassion.

I am best when I’m present

I embrace connections

I am truth

I am self acceptance

I am compassion

I release my anxiety and depression by gaining a sense of perspective of my truth.

As Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks say, “we’re just beautiful people with beautiful problems.” If any of you also feel this increase in anxiety and excitement… just know this is renewed or newfound “Hope” – embrace it!

"Lust for Life" -Lana Del Rey Click to Listen -->

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