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A Matter of Perspective

What a difference one week can make. Last week, bringing in the New Year filled me with resurfaced hope for new opportunities and progress. Then wham… I turn on the news and am bombarded by stories of the US Capitol Building being raided. A new emotion made my heart sink into my stomach, I felt ashamed.

Ashamed of what Americans could do to each other.

Ashamed that so many people use what little energy they have to produce hate and anger.

Ashamed that I have small problems I let bother me,

when people are truly suffering out in the world.

Ashamed by feeling so little, that I am only one person in Kentucky with Multiple Sclerosis.

How could I possibly make a positive dent on all this bad surrounding us in the world?

Throughout my entire Multiple Sclerosis journey, but especially these past three years, I’ve dealt with many comprehension issues. I used to think of this as a sinister part of my disability, but I now consider it a gift. MS has changed the way I process the information around me, it has allowed me to slow down and see things for what they truly are – no fluff, distractions, or external influences. It’s all a matter of perspective. With this mindset I have been working on processing and reflecting upon all the news of 2021 – I learned I can make a difference with one person at a time, starting with myself.

My newfound goal for 2021 is to be a leader in restoring hope and bluebirds.

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